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Our Location Loni Ghaziabad (U.P)

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

This school has been opened with only a single mission, a mission that was the dream of Late Mr Dharam Pal Singh Rathi, to provide affordable and approachable education for all the children who have a thirst for knowledge and for the parents who dream to see their children become better versions of themselves tomorrow. There can be nothing better to give to our native motherland than to ensure that it’s future is in good capable hands..

Our Vision

Here, at Dharam Pal Singh Memorial School, knowledge and excellence is not just a way to improve the quality of life and ensure a better future, it is an integral element of life, an indispensable element which tends to target young minds and transform them into something so wonderful and marvellous that tomorrow they have the power to transform the world. With this vision in mind, we train young minds for to not just learn, but create, nurture, grow,develop, improvise, cherish, love, bond, play and overall be not just a better learned person but a better human being tomorrow.