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Our Location Loni Ghaziabad (U.P)

Director Message

My husband always had a dream to give back to the village where he spent so much of his life and then my sons thought that there could be no better way to give back to the soil than giving education to those born here. All of us not only collectively made Late Mr Dharam Pal Singh’s vision come true but also helped carry forward his principles of discipline and knowledge. But It’s a duty that demands sharing of labour and as much as we can work towards the goal, we can’t reach the finish line without the help of the parents.

For any child, his home is his first school of learning. The place where the foundation for all the knowledge is laid. The garden where the seeds of values are sown. The children look up to their parents every day, Parents are the first role model of their children. We organise Parents Teachers Meetings every month so that parents can keep track of their child’s learning and activities in the school. Students with good support from home achieve better grades at school and grow up with a higher self-esteem.

Omvati Rathi